About us

BMMC Network started several years ago as a public open server as BatmanMC in version 1.10.2 We have left BatmanMC as 1.10.2 due to mass undertakings in dungeon style PVE area many custom quests mobs and games. We added SerenityMC for the Aquatic update. It was great! from there the servers multiplied untill we needed a lobby to navigate them from Serenity, Tranquility and Playground (mini-games only) each a little different a little the same..


Of you would like to contact a staff member send an email with thier name as the subject to: support@bmmcnetwork.com

We continue to evolve recently creating temporary events with Forge Mods. We also continue to evolve most recently by adding a new server, OneBlock!  Similar to SkyBlock with one special block that spawns limited resouces based on level. Treasure Chests, Hostiles Mobs and Farm Animals also spawn with the new blocks to mine.