Staff Application Vault

Please Enter all information. If you have special skills or knowledge not covered in general questions please add them in the notes.  Thank You.


Available Positions:

Games Coordinator:

  • Playground Server Assistant/Mod
  • Game plugins installation and in game setup
  • Arena/Game area creation (world edit may be required)


General Helper:

  • Assist New Players Finding Games and/or Server To Suit Their Play Style
  • Promote Upcoming Events
  • Monitor Chat and behavior in general of players
  • Assist players with knowledge
  • Report Issues to Upper Staff
  • *This is the starting tier for all staff positions (Ambassador -> Helper -> Assistant -> Moderator -> Admin -Server Specific Head-Admin)



  • Greet Players Help Them Join Servers
  • Translation
  • Report Issues to Upper Staff


Temp Builder:

  • Assist with pre-determined builds.
  • Minor plugin setup assistance. (Tracking loot chests for autofill i.e.)
  • Ability to use basic tracking spreadsheet (google document spreadsheet) For projects to be done and update accordingly.
  • Input on new build ides prior to building start.
  • World edit experience a plus, but can teach the limited commands needed.


You may be contacted by the email you entered by an Admin within a few days. If you have more Questions or comments e-mail:


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Installed & Setup Plugins Before
Scheduled & Supervised Events
Minecraft Control Panel Familiar
Able to use JEdit to configure Plugins To Specifications Set
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Languages Known/Fluent, Special Skills and Notes