BMMC Texture Pack


Many Custom Textures Food, Armor, Weapons and More! Requires Optifine For Name and Lore Texture Changes.

The Texture Packs When Opened Should Install Directly To The Correct Texture Pack Folder In Your .minecraft Folder

For Minecraft 1.17-1.20

New Updated Pack to be released soon!

For Minecraft


For Minecraft 1.11-1.12

For Minecraft   1.13-1.16

Version 1.16 states incompatible but still shows textures

Installation instructions:


This pack requires Optifine to be installed first.
Then use above link for correct Minecraft Version and download the resource pack.
Open .minecraft from roaming in %APPDATA%
(windows users use Windows key + R to open the Run menu type %APPDATA% and press enter or ok.)
(Alternatively you can open minecraft choose options, install pack, it will open the .minecraft folder to place in the unzipped folder into)
Drag the downloaded .rar file into your roaming > .minecraft > resource packs folder and unzip it there.
Do a fresh game restart and in game go to options > resource packs to turn them on or off.
Be sure to activate the texture pack in the in game minecraft sesttings, or you wont see any textures
(Do not remove any existing, in use texture packs just add this to one.)