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Please Enter all required information. Each Event is run by different staff.  Questions to email will be routed to correct games coordinator for the event your interested in.  Thank You.


Upcoming Event:


Mini-Game-Palooza:  August 6th 2022

                                                   *Until complete.


  • On BMMC Playground server (/portal then click red bed)
  • Event To last duration of games play
  • Win a game event and gain a point for each Game Win. Most points at end of all games wins GRAND PRIZE!!
  • Pre-Registration requested but not necessary to participate.
  • Games for contest are:  Hunger Games, ZigZag Parkour Course, Selected Maze, Paintball
  • Even if your not great in one you can make up points in others for total point of most games score


     For Questions e-mail: