Factions Commands


Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Playground (Mini-Games) and Shop World / Mine World.

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!


  • /f create <name> create new faction
  • /f name <new name> set faction name
  • /f desc <desc> change faction description
  • /f motd [new=read] faction motd
  • /f sethome [faction=you] set the faction home
  • /f unsethome [faction=you] unset faction home
  • /f inv,invite <player> [yes/no=toggle] set if player is invited
  • /f i,inv,invite a,add <players> invite player
  • /f i,inv,invite r,remove <players/all> revoke an invite
  • /f i,inv,invite l,list [page=1] [faction=you] list invited players
  • /f kick <player> kick player from faction
  • /f title <player> <title> set player title
  • /f rank <player> [action=show] [faction=you] Assign a rank to faction members.
  • /f officer <player> make player officer
  • /f leader <player> [faction=you] set leader for faction
  • /f money manage faction money
  • /f money b,balance [faction=you] show faction money
  • /f money d,deposit <amount> [faction=you] deposit to faction
  • /f money w,withdraw <amount> [faction=you] withdraw from faction
  • /f money ff <amount> <faction> <faction> transfer faction –> faction
  • /f money fp <amount> <faction> <player> transfer faction –> player
  • /f money pf <amount> <player> <faction> transfer player –> faction


  • /f sc,seechunk see the chunk you stand in
  • /f tt,territorytitles [on|off=toggle] toggle territory titles
  • /f claim claim faction territory
  • /f claim o,one [faction=you] claim a single chunk
  • /f claim a,auto [faction=you] claim as you walk around
  • /f claim f,fill [faction=you] claim by filling
  • /f claim s,square [radius=1] [faction=you] claim by square and radius
  • /f claim c,circle [radius=1] [faction=you] claim by circle and radius
  • /f unclaim unclaim faction territory
  • /f unclaim o,one unclaim a single chunk
  • /f unclaim a,auto unclaim as you walk around
  • /f unclaim f,fill unclaim by filling
  • /f unclaim s,square [radius=1] unclaim by square and radius
  • /f unclaim c,circle [radius=1] unclaim by circle and radius
  • /f unclaim all <all|map> <faction> unclaim all faction land
  • /f access manage access
  • /f access v,view view access
  • /f access p,player <player> [yes/no=toggle] grant player access
  • /f access f,faction <faction> [yes/no=toggle] grant faction access
  • /f unstuck teleport to nearest wilderness
  1. “My officers should not be able to build in this chunk.” - This is not possible. Choose your officers wisely.
  2. “Only officers and leaders should be able to build in this chunk.” - Use /f access f yourfaction no to remove build rights for normal faction followers.
  3. “Only one certain player should be able to build in this chunk.” - Use /f access f yourfaction no and then /f access p playername yes.
  4. “All allied factions should be able to build but not THIS faction.” - First consider downgrading that relation to a truce. If that’s not an option you can remove them using /f access f <faction> no.
  5. “I want the Player to have access to my faction.” - This is not possible. You would need to invite them into the faction and assign them rights from there.
  • /f ally <faction> set relation wish to another faction
  • /f truce <faction> set relation wish to another faction
  • /f neutral <faction> set relation wish to another faction
  • /f enemy <faction> set relation wish to another faction
  • /f rel,relation l,list [page] [faction=you] [relation=all] Show all relationships.
  • /f perm set [perm=all] [relation=read] [yes/no=read] change perms
  • /f perm show <faction> <perm> show perms


  • /f warp add <warp name> create faction use warp with name provided
  • /f warp go <warp name> warp to named warp