7 th annual

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Halloween Town


Join us for our 7th Annual Halloween Town Event.



  • Costume Party
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest (See below to enter)


  • Themed Bed Wars, Mob Arena, Parkour, Trick-Or-Treat Houses, Hidden House Chests, Maze(s)
  • Scary Coaster
  • Haunted House
  • Bobbing For Zombies and more!

Pumpkin carving contest template.

  • Download .xcf (GIMP Free Photo Editor)

  • Use layers to make eyes, mouth, face or other art for the front of the pumpkin

  • Keep transparency around the "carved" areas

  • Submit files as .png for display and voting

  • Winners will be announced Sunday.

  • Submit (can edit resubmit if desired) between Friday and Sunday so people can see them to decide on vote

  • Prizes for top 3 places in Pumpkin Points to go toward pumpkin point collection to win Grand Prize!

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