Moon Haven


Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Moon Haven Playground (Mini-Games) and Shop World / Mine World.

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!


Quests Server Residence claiming (land most expenisve to buy of circle servers but has beach rentals) No Wars, No Stealing, Or Greifing active Residences.


Theme Server, Boats and houses on land island area only. No water flat floating structures.

Claims cost more per block claiming then Serenity or Tranquility capital

This is a Quest and adventure server, Batman Server Revamp for long time players.

Generous claim ability if you have the IGM

Restrictive Creative Builds Allowed (creative blocks cannot be mined or sold)


Basic Commands For Moon Haven

Create a Residence:

  1. use wooden hoe select pos 1 (right click hoe on ground)
  2. move diagnal direction from pos 1, set pos 2 (left click hoe on ground)
  3. run commands;
  • /res select sky
  • /res select bedrock
  • /res create residencename

Set Residence Teleport Warp: /res tpset  [Stand Where you want the warp to be (Must be on claimed land)]

- Warp to Residence Home: /res tp residencename

Invite Player To Your Residence: /res padd playername

 Main Residence settings (spawner mobs ON/OFF etc.) stand in the residence or sub-zone to change perms for outsiders in and do /res set

 Create Multiple Residence with their own perms and teleports. You can subzone your residence for shops, rental apartments or special area perms!

 Set Multiple Personal Warps (Homes): /sethome homename

 - Warp To Personal Home (Members Get 3): /home homename

 - GUI to visually see homes with /homes

 Open Player Shop Menu: /res shop list

Return To First Spawn: /spawn or is in GUI for main warps /warps


**Main Admin Shop and Mines moved to seperate server. Bring your tools, sell mined items you dont need buy what you do, return to serenity or tranquility home with money and/or items.

To change servers at anytime use /portal




Join this server from any server
/portal (select moonhaven icon)