Quests & PVE Adventures



Current Adventure Custom Quests and PVE Adventures can gain you special items materials XP points money units and more!


Several custom PVE story line quests are being completed for release. New Quests and PVE adventures are an ongoing project. Some have ties to each other while others are independent of other quests. PVE quests are not all just PVE. There can be missions to gather an item, find an area, find and talk to another NPC.


Quest lines are usually given by NPC and not all quests will be visible in the GUI if you do not yet have the correct requirements to start them.


Some Quest help and/or a walk through may be made available on the forums if you get lost on an adventure.


Current in progress adventure The "Isle Of Wai" will be opening soon. Many special items prizes, hidden chests and special tokens for some of the Unique items from the Isle Of Wai shop NPC. This adventure includes locating secret passages to claim and return items as well as mini-boss and minion/henchmen fights that may award special armor and weapons. The main boss fight to complete the adventure drops Unique items. All minions/henchmen can drop minor common or rare items as well as special tokens, XP points and money units.


Mini-Games for Resources & Money

Each Mini-Game on the Playground server has prizes it will reward players. Some give Tokens you can redeem on Playground at the Token Exchange NPC.


A list of games you can choose while on the Playground server can be found here.


All items and money you receive on the Playground server will travel with you when you /portal to another server.  If you are going to game a while you may want to clear your inventory and backpack (/bp) before you start as you may get many items to use, trade or sell.


Multiple Custom Parkour, Mazes, Bedwars, Mob Arena, and Paintball (Look for hidden passages) arenas made not only by staff but by players.


Playground Token Exchange:


The Token Exchange NPC is located at /spawn on Playground server. Many games give tokens. Most give out more based on challenge. Some Parkour and Mazes giving the most. Other games are heavy on take home prizes. Mob Arena, group vs mobs, will give prizes for each level completed. With bonus prizes every 10 levels. Games such as Bed Wars and Hunger games give money units and some tokens.


Items you can trade from the Token Exchange on Playground are unique to that NPC vendor. They cannot be crafted and are not sold in the Admin Shop. Players may choose to sell items and/or tokens in their own shops (/res shop list) check if you want an item that you are having trouble getting tokens to trade for.

You may buy and sell the tokens directly to/from the NPC also. As with admin shop these prices are meant not to compete with Player Shops (/res shop list) but as a base item for Player Shop pricing and cost comparison