In The beginning...

When you first arrive you will be in Serenity /spawn. In your pocket (/balance | /bal) you will have 20,000 Money to use and 500 units in the Tranquility Bank (/bank balance). Bank balances will gain interest. There are several player shops for supplies at the Serenity spawn. Walk around to see the area and shop. Several areas in Serenity Spawn are available to rent for opening a shop of your own. To list player shops on your current server, Serenity or Tranquility (There are only games no shops or residences on Playground), run the command /res shop list you can click in this list, in the chat, to teleport to shops.


There are several Villager Trading Outposts you can warp to in the /warps menu. Use the arrows at the bottom of the GUI to change pages on warps pages. Several public spawners are listed also.


You can rent an area to build or find unclaimed area to claim for yourself. The rental list command is /res market list rent  there is option to buy and sell your land. Land for sale can be seen with command /res market list buy


To help you find an area to claim for yourself you can walk out in any direction from spawn or use /rt to random teleport. Be prepared random may land you in an ocean! Each rank allows you to claim more area. A residence can be expanded after it is claimed, as long as you have the game money to expand. Claim limits are by number of blocks.


You use a wooden hoe as the selection tool for residence (Short no audio video demo). By selecting 2 points, one with LEFT Click and the other with RIGHT Click. Make the selection of the 2 corners of the area you want to claim, in a diagonal corners of a square. After you make the selection with the wooden hoe right and left click, run commands;

 - /res select sky (To expand selection to sky limit.)

 - /res select bedrock (To expand selection to lowest limit.)

 - /res create NAME (in place of NAME use the name you want this residence to be called)


Set the incoming teleport for your residence after you create to be sure it is not in a bad area. To set your residence incoming teleport area, stand on the block you want everyone (you and others) to arrive at. Face the direction players will look when they arrive. Command to set teleport is /res tpset


Check the residence permission protections in the GUI that pops up with command /res set There are several pages of permissions you can change here. Read the description of the permission and click it true/false to control. For example, if you find a cage spawner and claim the land around it to make a mob farm. You can set smonster perm in /res set to false while building. This turns off monster spawners in the current residence. Turn them back on to test your area and to use when complete.


Members can claim 3 separate residence areas, useful to get different biome areas. Each residence will get its own /res tp NAME. All residence teleports by default can be warped to by any player with this command. You can adjust this in /res set


You can list your residences, claimed, purchased and rented with command /res list Click in the list to teleport to any of your areas. More residence commands can be found here.


Resources, Jobs & Money

You can join 2 jobs at the same time that will give you points and money as you do normal resource gathering. Examples such as Farming, Mining, Woodcutter, Fishing, Hunter and more. You receive more money for each task as you gain experience levels with your points. You can see the list of jobs with command /jobs browse


You can join the job of your choice with command /jobs join JOBTITLE Change JOBTITLE to the job of your choice, as you type the command and auto-fill tab list should appear to help remind you of the job titles.


Once you have joined the job(s) you want then you will start to see payments show up after a task or group of tasks have earned you money and/points.


Resources can be mined, chopped, collected on any unclaimed land on Serenity and Tranquility. Crop and animal farms can be kept on any claimed land. You can safety your crops and livestock from other players in the /res set menu. Serenity has public mines and a tree farm, with animals to collect in craftable capture eggs or chop for resources.  You can get to the public mine spawn from Serenity with the command /mines this will teleport you to the area where you can walk through portals to each labeled mining area.


Resources you collect that you do not need, you can sell. Player shops (/res shop list) on both Serenity or Tranquility for money, even if you joined a job that pays you to collect these items.


For base items you cannot find to buy or sell in player shops, use the /portal to teleport to Tranquility. There are larger player shops here (/res shop list) as well as admin shop for base items. You can teleport to the admin shop with the command /shops


The admin shop has different buildings based on different materials.


Serenity (/warp CodCove) & Tranquility (/warp SalmonBeach) have special fishing villages. There are Fishing Contests at these areas that will show up as timed events on a random timer for each server. You can win money units and items from these contests. You can also sell the fish you catch there, anytime, even during contests. To open the special fish sale GUI use the command /emf shop this will open the GUI for you to place fish that you have caught in these special areas into it and click the sell button. Fish and/or items not caught in these areas cannot be sold into the GUI. Check the contest announcement in chat for warp reminder. The warps are also in the /warps GUI


Shop Signs:


 - To buy left click the sign with items above it and price to B Buy the item.


 - To sell, If price sign has a S sell price, Right Click the sign.


For a short video on making a shop chest of your own Click Here.


Notifications of sales from shops show in chat while online and are logged to view if they happen while you are offline.

Banking and Wallet


Money on hand can be accessed and seen with from any server with command /bal or /balance


  - New players start with 20,000.00 Money Units.


Payments to other players can be made through chest shops, using the trade GUI command /trade NAME change NAME to player you wish to trade to. Trade items for items, or items for money. A double confirmation is required to complete trade.  You can also direct pay a player that is online with the command /pay NAME AMT Change NAME to players in game name you want to receive the money units, and AMT to the amount of money units you wish to give them.


You can also create a cheque (check) that can be redeemed in for the amount of money units it was issued for. You will need the money in your wallet to issue the cheque. You can place cheque's into shared locked chests to pay players that are offline. To create a cheque hold a paper and type command /cmi cheque AMT Change AMT for the amount the cheque will give the person that redeems it. To redeem a cheque, hold the cheque in main hand and right click.


Banking system is available from all server with command /bank balance


  - Withdraw bank money /bank withdraw AMT (change AMT to money units you want to put in your wallet.)


  - Deposit bank money /bank deposit AMT (change AMT to money units you want to place into banking system.). Money in the banking system will gain interest and hold money units away from chest shop when people sell to you. All chest shop transactions use your wallet.


Bank interest payments will appear on your screen as they happen.


Special Drops and Craftable Items


Mobs and blocks drop special items. Most of the items including the essences can be crafted to make special tools, weapons and armor.


The list of drops by block and mob type can be found here.


Holding an item or base item and using the command /recipe will show you a GUI with all items the item you are holding can craft and/or how to craft the item you are holding. In the craft recipe area hold mouse over item to see the amount needed for each to craft completed project.


Mob Capture eggs are easily crafted in any workbench with 1 diamond center and 8 coal around the diamond. Farm mobs can be captured in wilderness and some are at the tree farm (/mines) on mine world on Serenity. Some player shops (/res shop list) may also buy and sell specific mobs and/or capture eggs.