BMMC Playground games server

Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Playground (Mini-Games) Shop World and Mine World.

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!


Growing and Evolving Games for all skills and Game play!  Multi-player Arena and Single Player Skill Games!

Hunger Games


PVP In A Large Area.
Collect Food And Weapons.

Kill All Other Players? Team? Your Call.
Trust Noone When The World Is Closing In On You!!

Build Battle


Build you version of the Topic shown to all players when the game starts.

When time is done everyone votes on each build.

The build with the most points from votes wins!

Block Party


Watch for the color block to appear.

Run and Stand On That Color Block

When The Timer Is Up, The rest of the blocks disapear. Dropping Opponets Into Lava!

Mob Arena


Fight Waves Of Random and Boss Mobs!

3 Arenas To Choose From!

Custom Special and Boss Rounds

Prizes For Wave Completions!

Score By How Many Hostiles You Knock Out Of Game!

Watch Out For The Charged Creeper Wave!!!

Splegg (A.K.A. Floor Is Lava)


Objective: Break Blocks Trying To Get Opponents To Fall Into The Void.

Use your hand to break blocks.

Power ups can be bought before game with 'Win Points'.

Bonus Items Placed In Game Maps!

Custom Member made maps!



Objective: Eliminate All Opponents with selected kit or collected items.

Several Kits Available In Kit PVP Choose Your Best Combo.

Several Arenas To PVP In.

Elimination Tournaments Can Be Set-up For Member Events!

Join this server from any server
/portal (click playground icon)



Objective: Jump from block to block to reach end.

Easy, Medium and Expert Dificulty Courses

"Hall Of Fame" For Best Times On Each Course!

Member Made Courses!

New Courses Can Be Approved And Added.



Objective: Eliminate All Opponents using collected items to trade for blocks and weapons.

Protect your bed from other teams!

Death after your bed has been broken is a loss for that game.

Elimination Tournaments Can Be Set-up For Member Events!