BMMC Network 2023 Relaunch Info

BMMC Network started several years ago as a public open server as BatmanMC in version 1.10.2. The BatmanMC could not be updated past 1.10.2 due to mass undertakings in command codes for the dungeon style PVE areas with custom quests mobs and games. We added SerenityMC for the Aquatic update. It was great! From there the servers multiplied now hosting in 1.16.5; Serenity, Tranquility and Playground (mini-games only) each a little different a little the same.

For 2023 BMMC Network Has changed to We are adding items to areas in the tradition of the original BatmanMC server. Multiplayer PVE style areas enhanced by new Items, Mobs and Control plugins. We have the ability to make custom items similar to a MOD pack but all server side that may be explored more. Playground tokens available for server prizes on all servers as well as rewards for games on Playground the mini-games server.

Also reintigration of shop islands and mining worlds into Serenity and Tranquility, less server changing to shop or gather resources.  Enhancing Residence claims ability. Member ranks still get to claim 3 seperate areas, other ranks can get more. Total claimed areas are restricted block limit by rank. These areas can be subzone as rentals. Example of an idea for rental areas. Shop or Shop kiosk area in another shop, Apartments, or Spawner areas. Land owner sets renters permissions, cost and time for rental period. Renters can be limited for build and break perms, but able to open chests in a spawner rental area. Build and place / use chests in a shop or apartment but only in designated area. Many possibilities.