Residence Commands


Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Playground (Mini-Games) and Shop World / Mine World.


Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!



  Use a wooden hoe to select 2 points diagonal from each other within your block number claim limits. (Players can seperate Claimable Block Total into multiple residence based on rank)


Short Video Tutorial Visual


    Use a wooden hoe, Right click for pos1, Left click for pos2.


  Then run these 3 commands.

  1. /res select sky
  2. /res select bedrock
  3. /res select cost (see what your area will cost)
  4. /res create [ResidenceName] 
  5. Stand where you want your incoming teleport and run command /res tpset (test with /res tp [res name]
  6. Check residence perms run command /res set [ENTER]
Land Expanding:

  Expand Residence:


    Look in direction to expand. You need available blocks to claim the expansion. Expansions will expand that entire side/wall of residence in direction your looking the number of blocks you enter in command;


  • /res expand [ResidenceName] [NumberOfBlocks]

  For example to expand 5 blocks out use:

  • Example: /res expand [ResidenceName] 5


  Contracting (shrinking) Residence:


     Look in direction to contract, i.e. stand facing into residence on side to shrink.

  • /res contract [ResidenceName] [NumberOfBlocks]

  For example to contract 5 blocks out use:

  • Example: /res contract [ResidenceName] 5
Co-Residence & Perms


  • /res padd [PlayerName] trusted - Give all regular perm set to named player.
  • /res set - GUI to set perms for non residence and residence for your area


  • To remove perms use same command and replace true with false or remove. you can set false perms for safty to override base perms. For example if you do not want someone teleporting to your residence you can remove their permission to teleport with.


  • /res pset [ResidenceName] [PlayerName] tp false

  • /res shop set true - Allow people to see your area in /res shop list and click teleport to shop. Shops with more votes show highter in list.


  Select a cuboid with 2 diagonal points with full height. Bottom left corner and top right corner of area to be a subzone.


  Subzones can be used for Residence area for player to build a home, a prebuild home to rent where the player can only add internal items and not change house, Rental Shop or Personal Shop.


  After selecting area for subzone and determining the subzone name, it can be anything (acceptable per rules) but you cannot duplicate a subzone name.  Then run the following command;


  1. /res subzone [ResidenceName] [SubzoneName]
  2. Stand in area to set as rentable;
    /res market rentable [residence.subzone] [TotalDollars] [TotalDays] [AllowRenewRent] [ShowInMarketList] [AllowAutoPayRenew]
  • Example: /res market rentable subzone 500 30 true true false


  This will allow anyone to rent that area for 500 game money for 30 days, they can renew and keep renting, subzone shows as rented in list, player has to manually renew rent for 30 more days. Optionally you can set auto pay true and rent will be auto paid as long as the player has money to pay rent.

  • /res flags - Show current residence permission flags
  • /res set -  Press [Enter] For GUI to set all perms
  • /res info - information about residence your standing in
  • /res shop list
  • /res tp [ResidenceName]
  • /res market list


  • /res current – show residence you’re currently in
  • /res info - info on residence your standing in.


  • /res padd [player] – Add player to residence.
  • /res pdel [player] – Remove player from residence.
  • /res tpset - set teleport entrance to residence or subzone.
  • /res set shop true - Sets area a shop for shop list warp and ratings. shops can be voted for and shops that sell more move to the top of the shop list.
  • /res unstuck – moves you outside the protected area your in.