Shop World


Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, and Playground (Mini-Games)

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!


The home of the main admin shop to buy and sell items too for money to buy other items.

Spawner Change Permits & Temp Spawner Shop Now Open!


Player Shop Islands are on Tranquility. Use /shop command to go to main admin shop and /res shop list to list all shops on that server

Banner Ad s available for Island Shops as well as a warp in the /warps GUI


Make a creative Shopping area with picnic area or fishing pond or other decorative items

Join this World From Tranquility /shops

ShopWorld Island Request Form:

In Game Name *
Shop Island Preference
Will Submit Shop Banner
Special Notes (Optional)
728x90 or 300x250 Shop Banner Ad (Optional)

Max file size (Mb): 1

Max number of files: 1