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Sky Island Challenge Invitational!

Join us for our 1st Sky Island

SMP Streamer/Player Challenge.


Play Type:


  • Start on a challenge specific Small island over the void (*expandable with points)

  • Placed Blocks Value adds to island value for Top 10 running list and at end the Top 3 for winners.

  • Get an Island for yourself or up to 3 other (4 total) to reside on the island and work as a team (*Ore Gen level and bonus purchase based on island owner level only)

  • Graves System: Requires Inventory Item. There will be 3 free ones given out based on playtime for start of game. Recipe for Grave Flower is day 2 items.

  • 200 Credits given upon start. Items you can sell will be in GUI /worth

  • Sell Items from hand and inventory based on hand item commands /sell hand and /sell hand all

  • Special Challenges for credits and items. i.e. complete challenges to get end portal frams to get to the end.





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Challenges for Items and/or points to spend:


  • General Achievement Bonuses. Example; walking 1000 blocks and swiming 200 blocks, jumping 500 times, are some of the simple achievments to gain points.


  • Special Items when you complete a challenge from the challenge list. Example from past server challenge; Win an island raid for a shulker or end portal frame block.


  • Points can be used to temporarily upgrade items in your cobble generator for projects or point blocks to place.


  • Custom Cobble Generator upgrades and island owner levels.


  • Custom points given to blocks that are different some may be unexpected! Others may seem (but are not) impossible to obtain.


  • Player to Player Trading, Nether and End (if you can get there).

Event Host:



a.k.a UntitledContent

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