Sky Island Commands


Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Playground (Mini-Games) Shop World and Mine World.

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!




  • Words in [] - optional, in <> - required
  • /is create - create new island for player
  • /is delete - delete whole isle and loose ownership
  • /is info - shows informations about our island
  • /is spawn - teleport to spawn
  • /is home - teleport to your island
  • /is sethome - change home point for teleport
  • /is delhome <name> - delete home point
  • /is fixhome - fix home location (or at least try)


  • /is biomelist - show possible biomes.
  • /is biomeshow - show biome at your current position.
  • /is biomeset <biome> - change biome of your island.
  • /is biomechunkset <biome> - change biome in current chunk.


  • /genupgrade - select temporary cobble generator upgrade.  Several gernerators can be used at once with same bonuses.
  • Bonuses Including /kit daybonus (10min Free Super Dirt Gen per day) is linked to Island Owner island members cannot upgrade gen (it will take money but not work)
  • /warp shop - Player shops buy and sell
  • /worth - hold item and use command to check admin shop buy price for item
  • /sell hand - sells all items in inventory matching item in hand to admin shop at price per unit in /worth
  • /bal - check on hand mmoney balance
  • /bank bal - check bank balance
  • /bank deposit 1000.00  - Deposits $1000.00 into bank to collect interest. (Any dollar amount can be used in format 0.00)
  • /bank withdraw 1000 - places $1000.00 into on hand money (Any dollar amount can be used in format 0.00)
  • /bank balance - Shows current Bank Balance




  • /is expell - teleport out ALL players without perms from your island
  • /is expell <playerName> - teleport out player from your island
  • /is visit <playerName> - ask playername to visit his island.
  • /is accept - accept visit request.
  • /is deny - deny visit request.
  • /is calc - calculate island points.
  • /is rank - show island rank.
  • /is lock - lock your island (block enterance).
  • /is unlock - unlock your island.
  • /is lock [playername] - lock your island for specific player (block enterance).
  • /is unlock [playername] - unlock player./is open [offline] - open your island for visitors (visit request dont need to be accepted)
  • /is close - close your island (you will need accept visit requests)


  • /is fly - enables or disables flying.
  • /is welcome <text/clear> - set or reset island welcome message.


  • /is add <PlayerName> - add player to your island
  • /is remove <PlayerName> - remove player from your island
  • /is tp <PlayerName> - teleport to player island
  • /is leave - leave party (island)