Slime Fun


Many, Many Unique Items. Machines, Ores, Fruit Trees, Onions, Lettuce and Many More Food Items To Grow.

Gain XP To Learn New Skills To Make And Use Everything From Nuclear Power Plants To Rocket Suits.

No Money, Trade Of Items and Bottled XP as Monetary System.

No Stealing, Griefing or Wars in Main Worlds.

Deathland (/warp deathland) is free for all resources and PVP

If You Loose Or Misplace Your SlimeFun Book Use /sf open_guide


**The Texture pack for 1.16.5 Is not available at this time.**

Download the Optional Slime Fun Resource Pack Textures and More!

Check out the Fandom Wiki to see items and recipies!


Join this server from any server
/portal (click slimefun icon)