Connected Servers: Tranquility, Serenity, Playground (Mini-Games) and Shop World / Mine World.

Inventory, Money (On Hand and Central Bank with interest on savings*), Ender Chest and Back Pack Items Move Servers With You!!


Advanved Economy Server, Capital City and Apartment Rentals


25K per Chunk Land Claiming (No Wars, Stealing or Greifing on claimed land)

Power For Land Claiming Can Be Bought With In Game Money, Each Player Receives 20 Chunks**

**Claiming Land Even With Claim Power Uses Game Money

City Area for Player Shops

Custom MMO Type Items and Mobs

Extensive Compass Point Road System

Public Work Areas (Scattered Throughout City Area)

Banking System, Jobs, and Much More!

Join this server from any server
/portal (click tranquility icon)